Sep 17

How to WAKE UP IN a new Bugatti with Wakeupnow

Really wake up in a new bugatti because of some silly  online program called wakeupnow ?


Well Before i go deep into this selling you false dreams of a bugatti much more.

Let me introduce my self and what im about .


I been in this industry since jan 2013 and i learned alot fast

and i was struggling to see results and i didnt know where money was going to

come from i was on my last $23 in my saving s account and said its time to wakeupnow


and dig deeper in life…..


So What Did Wakeupnow do for me ? as 19 year old kid


wakeupnow wake up now


Well i know alot of you are probably like…


Right another hyped company review by one of their affiliates.

Yes im an affiliate  but im not here to brag and bost about wakeupnow because

this company actually has flaws

despite the fact  this company offer some of the craziest benefits.


But im still not satisfied with the comp plan that is structured too deep .

I joined under a close friend of mine and she didnt have to really do any

convincing once she went over everything …


Far as benefits , the benefits are what kept me active in this program but

when you recruit 12 people thats ONLY A $600 monthly residual was

pretty bit of a buzz kill .


I know I know …

most marketers agree that a $600 monthly residual can change alot of

lives but im young and have alot to learn when it comes down to duplication

and vision..


I had to think about just not being involved with such a powerful

movement one day like wakeupnow.


Then i thought to my self what are these odds of me actually proving people wrong

and showing i can do this without trying to considering the fact ihardly work as it is


so having to recruit lots of people was kind of disturbing for what you get in return.

you also have to think about the vision and purpose of this


 Lets Answer  SOME REALLY Quick Questions about Wakeupnow



- Do you not want a team thats going to stick around for a life time 

-Do you not  want to help people change their financial Situation

Last but not least but “do you not want the freedom and time with

your family they deserve for all the time you bussed

your ass trying to give them that extra you always couldnt because you didnt have it to give them .



So after Answering these questions i got all in and completely focused and i started producing for my team so with this being said…




Finding A good Wakeupnow Sponsor


How important it is that you find a good wakeupnow sponsor ? and someone thats going to lead your team to victory



Well in this video about wakeupnow i hit all the key points on why you do need one and its probably going to answer the question on why you didnt just throw in your $100 when first presented


For more facts about this company click here 

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